Outdoor Locations

#001 – Woodhurst
1200 E. Woodhurst Drive
37.1573191, -93.2755854
From entrance off Montclair with double flags, turn right into parking lot, toward mailboxes. Library is in middle of lot under small tree.

#002 – Fremont
1616 S. Fremont Ave.
37.1849053, -93.2714505
In front yard, next to gravel drive.

#003 – Jefferson
1331 S. Jefferson Ave.
37.1904821, -93.2904163
In front yard.

#004 – Weller
701 S. Weller Ave.
37.2017631, -93.2682880
In front yard under dogwood tree, positioned diagonally facing street corner.

#006 – Stewart
2742 S. Stewart Ave.
37.1634716, -93.2608005
In front yard facing sidewalk.

Indoor Locations

The Artichoke
#005 – The Artichoke
800 W. Locust
37.2274016, -93.2993968
Available 10 AM – 12 PM and 6 PM to 10 PM, seven days a week. Some materials free to take; others available for perusal in building only.

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